Kurmali Language of Jharkhand

April 18, 2009

Kurmali language is spoken in Jharkhand, Bengal, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh. This is used in Tamar, Sili, Hazaribag and Bundu areas of Jharkhand State. Kurmali is written in Devnagri Script and Kurmali Chis Script.

Here are some English words in Kurmali Dialect –

  1. Driver – Diver

  2. Transfer – Tenesfer

  3. Result – Rejel

  4. School – Iskul

  5. Class – Kilas

  6. Button – Batan

  7. Brake – Berek

  8. Charge – Charaj

  9. Handle – Hendel

  10. Farm – Faram




  1. Dear,
    I am doing Ph.D. in language documentation and i have selected Kurmali to work on. I need some more info before going in the field, i too belong to jharkhand.
    If any one can help in this regard, iwould be obliged.

    Thaking You

    Rajiv Ranjan
    EFL- University

  2. why urdu is second official language of jharkhand why not bengali?

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